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Regardless of whether you are new to our city, our church or our website, we are glad you stopped to visit our site. We extend a hearty welcome to you.

What you will find:

A warm welcome from some of our friendly folks.

Joyful, uplifting music that is a blend of hymns and worship choruses sung from the heart and accompanied by guitar, piano or tambourines.

A multi-ethnic, multi-cultural congregation drawn from nearly twenty nations around the world.

A group of inner-city people who are growing spiritually, some of whom are learning to overcome life-dominating habits as they apply biblical principles to their lives.

A free meal and wonderful time of chatting with folks following the morning worship hour.

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“Do I have to dress any particular way?”

No. Some of our folks put on their Sunday best when they come to church while others wear street clothes. God is no respecter of persons because of what people wear. Modesty and respect, however, are encouraged.

“Will I be expected to contribute money if I attend?”

No. Our ministries come with no strings attached. The opportunity to give will be presented, but non-members are our guests and are not expected to contribute financially unless they wish to do so.

“How long will the Sunday morning service run?”

Our people love to sing and make melody to the Lord. Music lightens the soul and lifts the burdens. For this reason we sing more songs than other congregations. We also want ample time in which to hear the Word of God taught. Our worships services typically run about an hour and a half.

“Will I be pointed out or made to stand up and introduce myself if I attend one of your services?”

No. We will be delighted to have you come, but we will not embarrass you or point you out as a guest. No one is going to “button hole” you and make you stand up to speak.

“Will I be pressured into “getting saved” or making some kind of commitment if I attend one of your services?”

No. No one will pressure you in any way. The gospel will be presented during the course of the service and there will be an opportunity to respond to the message, but each person is free to choose how he/she will do so.

If you have other questions, please feel free to email them to us. Just go to our “Contact Us” page and submit your inquiries.